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If your hair is breaking off from the ends or even slightly resembles the texture of a broom, then it is high time to make some significant changes to your hair care routine. Fortunately, these changes are related to simple additions or retractions from your current hair regimen. Once you make the desired changes, you will be on your way towards the bouncy shiny hair that you dreamt off. Let us have a look at the tips to cure the dry and brittle hair, and add some life to your hair.

Regular Trimming 

If you are trying to grow out your hair, and because of dull and brittle hair texture they are not growing. Then, regular trims are necessary if you are really trying to achieve healthy hair. Schedule an appointment with your stylist as soon as possible for a trim every three months, and you will notice a significant difference in hair texture in no time. 

Do Not Wash Your Hair Regularly 

It is advisable not to wash your hair every single day. Washing your hair too often can actually dry your hair out even more because you are not allowing natural oils to work. It is advisable to keep oily roots at bay between shampooing sessions. 

Usage of Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

 While buying hair care products, one should choose nourishing shampoo and conditioner. However, excess of everything is bad. Over usage of a products means, you are ripping away the natural moisture from your hair, too. Hence, it is in the best interest of your hair to go for a hydrating formula that locks the natural moisture of your hair and ensures shine in your hair.  

Leave-In Treatment 

You can reap the benefits of a good conditioner, and protect your hair against potential break out. Undeniably, brittle and dry hair is tough to comb as it turns out into a little hair nest. A good hair conditioner will help you in maintaining the ultimate shine and strength of your hair. All you have to do is to apply the product on your hair when it is damp and go about styling your hair as normal.     

Usage of Comb or Wet Brush  

One of the reasons for hair breakage is the brushing of wet hair. One should never ever brush wet hair. You need to resist the urge to brush your wet hair because they are vulnerable and weak when wet. Therefore, it is advisable to use a wet brush or wide-tooth comb, both can be picked at your local store. 

Safety against Heat 

Excessive use of straightener or curling tools will make your hair dry and frizzy. Rather, it is because of heat that your hair looks that brittle and dull. Therefore, it is advisable to use a heat protectant product to prevent damage caused by hot tools. For healthier hair, it is advisable not to use any such hairstyle that involves heating tools for a week to strengthen your strands     

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