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If you frequently dye your hair at home, you must be aware of the risks that come with DIY hair dye. Sometimes the color comes out too dark, sometimes it is light, and at times, it is a completely different color than the intended one. Dying your hair is, as taking a wild ride with multiple “color me” options will give you a different perspective. However, when it comes to hair dye at home we all have experienced a nightmare yet persisted and tried again. Let us have a look at the common mistakes we all made while dying our hair at home, and the tips to curb those mistakes.    

Oops! You Picked the Wrong Color 

There are many contributing factors behind your hair color coming out too dark; the most significant reason might be the color box you selected. There is a likely probability that you have picked a darker color than your desired due to the outer look on the color box. People think that they have black hair while on the contrary they have medium brown hair. Fortunately, several apps can help you in selecting the right shade at home such as Garnier Shade Selector Tool. It will let you virtually try on different shades before you buy and dye. 

Wrong Color Application Technique  

Another drastic thing is that your color application technique on your hair is wrong. Mostly, we apply the color from roots to end, which is a wrong approach. This notion holds true when you are using permanent hair color. As the ends are more porous and have more color buildup. Therefore, they can suck up more color resultantly; your hair becomes dark and inky. 

Usage of a Clarifying Shampoo To Lighten Dark Color 

There is a standard rule for hair color that a lighter color will not lighten the previously colored hair. However, you can go for alternative options such as clarifying shampoo or you can be patient enough to wait that the color fades over several weeks. 

Usage of Permanent Color on Gray Hair 

It is advisable to use permanent hair color to cover gray hair as well as on your regrowth. You can refresh the ends with a semi-permanent gloss 2 to 4 shades lighter than the root color, after consulting your hair stylist. The ends of your hair need to be in a lighter tone then your overall hair. 

When to See the Hair Stylist 

The alternative way to lighten the hair is by seeing the hair stylist. However, it is an expensive option yet gives you the perfect color of your choice. Time-consuming color correction technique requires your colorist to strip it out, and then go back with the desired color.

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