God has made us all beautiful in our own distinctive ways, but our never-ending urge to look best of all has made experts come up with products that have the ability to enhance our beauty in just the way we want. Being a woman myself I understand the never-ending obsession ladies have today’s beauty and style, spending million every year on beauty products, this industry has come up a long way. Beginning with the basic makeup products to body shapers, body parts enlargement, fairer complexion, Botox, and the list is endless. So let’s have a quick sneak peek into beauty industry and some products that have completely changed people’s perception towards this industry:

Makeup and Cosmetics:

To begin with, we have each girl’s eternal love, makeup. Now, we all adore makeup, right? Sitting back in 80’s it was out of the question that one-day makeup would be powerful enough to slim down or enhances your features. The market today is flooded with products that are powerful enough to make you look 10 times prettier than you are, and brands are earning billions by selling these products to obsessed women like me. Highlighter, couture, bling eye shadows, foundation and concealer are strong enough to take away all your blemishes and aging signs.


Following up we have skin care industry, now our skin surely does a lot for us, bear those chemicals in makeup, harsh UV rays from the sun, dust, and much more. So doesn’t it need a bit of pampering? Well, I think it does. That’s where skincare industry steps in. Coming up with an endless range of facials, scrubs, massage creams, eye cream, anti-aging cream ( that obviously does not stops aging but helps you slow down the process), eye cream to fight dark circles etc. Moreover, you can also save the cost of saloons by picking up massager and rollers enabling you to relaxing your skin at home.

Body shapers and enhancing creams:

Losing weight is an obvious way to look slimmer, but beauticians today have moved a step further. You must have heard about body shaper, a tight fabric that has a power to even down the bulges of your skin. Be it cellulose or obesity, the body shaper is surely a savior for many women like me. Furthermore, the market has also introduced some creams that have the ability to burn fat and even enhance some of your body parts like breast WHAO! Although it’s quite risky but would you dare giving it a try?


Lastly, the love of my life perfumes! After all who likes bad odor? And the highlight is that various brands have set the competition bar up high by introducing spellbinding perfumes, body mists, roll-ons and sprays that are way too costly ARGH! But regardless of this fact, we all spend a lot on fragrances like Channels, body shop and Rihanna.

These products are not a part of our lives, but we have made it so; after all, who does not enjoy the complement “you look so pretty”, dead-on?

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