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Manufactured by Dermacos Laboratories International, Dermacos is a UK manufacturer and distributor of high quality professional skincare products. Specializing in quality skin care products and all sorts of cosmetics to make you more beautiful.

No house should be without this essential oil, as it is one of the most powerful immune system stimulants and sorts out most viral, bacterial and fungal infections in a snop, while it is great to clean wounds and also relives muscel oches and pains.

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Antiviral
  • Balsamic
  • Fungicide

Tea tree Oil Properties: It has a light spicy, rather pungent smeel and is very pale in color with a watery viscosity.

Therapeutic Properties: The therapeutic properties of tea tree oil are antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, balsamic, bactericide, cicatrisant, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant and sudorific.


1. Tea tree oil is very important in the health of the immune system, as it actss as a n immuno-stimulant and increases the body’s ability to fight off any infections.
2. Apart from the superb anti-infectious properties of tea tree oil, is is also most effective to help clear bronchial congestion, asthma, coughs, sinusitis, whooping cough and turberculosis.
3. On the skin, it clears abscesses, acne, burns, herpes, oily skin, skin, athlete’s foot, cold sores, blemishes, diaper rash, worst, sunburn and infected wounds, while fighting dandruff on the scalps.


100% botanical – 100% tested and certified – 100% no side effects.
For professional use only or advised by beautician / cosmetologist
Suitable for all skin types, do not use on wounds or porn skin.
Wash your hands before use, apply only on cleansed skin.
If skin irritation occurs discontinue use and wash with clean water.

Cream or Lotion: When tea tree oil is blended into a cream or lotion and applied to the skin, it will help to clear up any fungal, bacterial as well as viral infections and can therefore be used for a variety of problems, ranging from boils, abscesses, acne, bite wounds from animals and humans (although a medical practitioner must also be consulted), dandruff and other scalp disorders and is also effective to help sort out bed sores, diaper rash or any other rash.

Manufactured By: M.S. Dermacos Laboratories International

Country of Origin: Product of UK

Product Weights: 7 x 1 ML (1/32 FL OZ)

Quantity: 7 Serums

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place.

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