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It is important to help your toddler to learn to communicate, for that baby sign language is the best start. Some people say that babies who use sign language to communicate their message; they never learn to speak. However, that is not true. Sign language helps the babies to communicate their needs and save the kids from the frustration of repeating their words again. 

The majority suggests that talking to your toddlers help build their vocabulary. Though it is true that conversing with your child helps build conversational skills; however, toddlers need some quiet time also. Can you imagine that your toddler is following you around all day and taking incessantly about everything that happens to him/her in the day? Even the little ones need a break as well as some time to think.  

Undeniably, lack of communication skills increases frustration. Therefore, it is important to work on building those skills over time. When your kids are toddler, it is important to work on building their vocabulary and improving their conversational skills that starts with you. Let us have a look at the best ways to help your toddler develop the communication skills that will make them and your life easier. 

Active Reading 

No doubt most parents read to their toddler each day but do they make reading actively. Instead of simply reading page by page, it is advisable to stop and point out facial expressions in the illustrations. Lookout for comical pictures and describe them. Point out the colors of the trees and flowers and make connections between the illustrations and the text. Pay attention to small details that help your toddler build their vocabulary, and gain a greater understanding of the feelings as well as emotions within the story. This strategy will improve communication skills as your child grows.  

Skip the Baby Talk     

Our toddler learns from us long before they can talk. There is no doubt that talking to babies in sing-song baby talk is so tempting, yet we should not. Here is the thing: children learn from us long before they can talk. It is so important to talk to your toddlers to engage them in a conversation. It will help them in building conversational skills. When they are infants, these conversations are one-sided, but they are taking verbal cues from you. You start to hear toddler responses when they grow up a little bit. Therefore, if you talk the baby talk with your babies, they will learn that this is the right way to communicate. Hence, it is advisable to use a happy tone with your child but speak, as you want your child to learn or to speak. 

Avoid Over-Correction  

Unquestionably, toddlers make many mistakes while communicating. For instance, your child might name every animal he or she sees as a dog. That is ok! As a parent, you need to resist the urge to correct every mistake, as it can be defeating for toddlers and this practice discourage attempts at language. Rest assured that your child would learn with the passage of time that not every color is red, and not every piece of food is a cracker. Give your child due time.  

Baby Sign Language 

Baby sign language increases communication skills and improves vocabulary, and decreases frustration. It empowers toddlers and assists in reducing tantrums related to lack of communication skills. Henceforth, be patient with your child as better communication is right around the corner.

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