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It is hard to decide gifts for your little bundle of joy that helps promote their development and equally entertaining. Undeniably, babies have a high tendency to learn in this age group. Therefore, it is difficult to identify such toys that help your children in learning. Let us have a look at some amazing ideas that helps the children in learning new experiences. 

Baby Play Mat   

You can buy a woodland themed play mat or any other theme from any online shopping store. It will provide a great place for your baby to play on her/his tummy, on her back, sitting, and side up. The hanging toys will encourage the kid to reach up as well as provide great sensory feedback for instance crinkle, rattle, or light to reward the kid for reaching them. As the surface of the mat will have different fun textures, mirrors, as well as flaps for baby to explore. It helps the child in learning and identifying new textures.  


It seems like a simple toy, but they are incredibly versatile. The small size makes it easy for a baby to grip things from an early age. Its multiple textures are a great source of exploration for kids with their hands and mouth. This toy is used to make a rattle or hang other toys from.   

Play Table with Removable Legs 

While purchasing a toy for your baby, it is advisable to buy one that will grow with your baby. For instance, a play table with removable legs will help your baby to reach the toys before he/she can stand. When your little one starts sitting up, you can add two legs to provide an angled surface to sit as well as play at. Once the baby starts getting up on his feet, you can add the other two legs back on to motivate him/her to pull up to play. 

Stacking/Nesting Toys 

Stacking and Nesting toys are a simple yet versatile toy that babies will love. The pieces can be grabbed with one hand or two, and encourage the child to learn about in-hand manipulation, grasp, and release.  Kids would love to explore such toys first by taking them apart and eventually learning how to put them together. This ensures hand eye-coordination for kids.   

Pop Up Toy 

A pop-up toy is an excellent choice for a baby to help learn about cause and effect. When a kid performs the function of pulling, pushing, or twisting a lever, he/she is rewarded with a fun figure popping up. This toy will help the kids to develop fine motor skills as well as their problem-solving skills.  

Musical Instruments 

Kids love music. Using musical instruments will help them with their motor skills, and balance in sitting and standing. Besides this, it is also great for baby’s language and cognitive development.  


Give your kids balls in various sizes and textures to challenge their ability to grab them by using one or two hands, and help them to explore various textures. Balls are a great source of learning for kids, as it teaches them to grab, to hold, and to release. As the kid progresses he/she will enjoy rolling, throwing, and kicking them.

Precisely, it is advisable to buy such gifts that will promote your kid’s development. You can search for any best online shopping store that encompasses the kid’s toy range. You can buy online, and give you more of your to your kids. Added, it will save you the shopping hassle.

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