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We are living in the golden age of base makeup if you just take a walk down any makeup aisle. There are various products for every skin type ranging from oily to dry to mature. Moreover, not to forget finish options such as shimmery, dewy, matte, and others. In fact, the available variety is so vast that it can be a bit overwhelming to discuss all. Therefore, let us break it down into the three most important & popular makeup categories such as CC creams, BB creams, and foundations. Let us learn the difference between these three base makeup products coupled with how to apply them.  

BB Cream 

BB creams are the most used makeup product after foundation and become a serious contender in the base coverage category. It is all in one makeup that evens out your skin redness, hydrates your skin, creating a natural texture, and protects your skin. Besides this, BB creams help the breakout prone skin. If you have an acne prone skin, using a BB cream that is oil free is the right choice. The only potential issue with BB creams is that it lacks a lot of shade diversity. Therefore, it is advisable that if you are unable to find an exact match to your skin tone, best to stick those with a sheer finish. 


Foundation is the choice of the makeup artists and beauty mavens who want to create a flawless canvas, and have superior skin coverage. Therefore, if you want to have something that lasts all day and gives you flawless skin, the foundation is the apt choice. In addition, unlike BB creams, the foundation comes in a rainbow of skin tones, and you absolutely need it to match your skin perfectly. You can buy the foundation from any online shopping store, as per your skin tone and texture, and enjoy the flawless look. 

CC Cream 

CC cream or “color correcting” cream cuts from the same cloth as BB cream. It is all in one product that intends to help reduce redness, sallowness, and darkness. It blends skincare with light diffusing properties that give you a smoother complexion. However, it does not provide the same amount of coverage as a BB cream. 


Precisely, each makes up product is providing the best service to you, for which it was made. However, depending upon the occasion and your schedule you choose the product. If you are a working woman, then on a daily basis it is difficult to wear foundation. Nevertheless, wearing a BB cream or CC cream will suffix. Moreover, for night or day functions, you will go for comprehensive coverage with flawless skin, and the foundation is the right choice. Every woman picks the product as per her usage and skin type. Therefore, it is advisable to buy the best makeup that serves your need. To save time, you can shop for makeup products online, from any online shopping store.

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