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The year 2019 brings innovation and creativity in appliances design. With the internet taking the center stage, customers are looking for unique yet personalized designs for their home. Because of the innovation in designs, it has become immensely difficult for business owners to keep up with the market trends. Besides, if they do not offer unique and exclusive designs to the customers they will lose the customer that is where the innovation becomes the threat. On the contrary, it can prove to be your biggest ally, if you are introducing beautiful and unique appliances to your customers. It can add value to your existing business. Let us have a look at the top five appliance trends to follow in 2019, which gives you elegant yet chic look to your kitchen.   

Jet Black Stainless Steel  

One of the most beautiful thing about “black color” is that it is never out of fashion. It defines a separate elegant strong class and gives a certain personification to your kitchen look. The reign of plain old stainless kitchen accessories is over, and black stainless has taken its place. Undeniably, stainless steel kitchen appliances have a significant mainstay in Pakistani kitchens for the past decades. However, the trend has changed, and now the warm bold look of black stainless is a new rage. This trend has just started to pick up steam, and will likely to continue with full force in 2019 and beyond. Therefore, if you are thinking of updating your kitchen appliances soon then do consider the latest trends, and do not stick in the land of plain old stainless steel. Rather, start building your elegant black stainless steel collection.    

Induction of Smart Appliances

In the present time, everything is digitalized. Those days are gone when you manually operate appliances. With new innovative appliances design, everything is user-friendly and easy to operate irrespective of the age factor. Precisely, 2019 is the year of smart appliances. Approximately every major appliance brand is having one smart model available, and we are expecting that number to grow in the coming years. For instance, you can control your home appliance from across the house with Amazon Alexa or Google Home while being away with your smartphone. These appliances help you in saving your time in household chores, and you can invest your time in other activities.  

Addition of Under-the-Counter-Appliances   

Appliance design and home design trends are often closely connected. For instance, counter appliances are the best-selling ideas these days. A perfect blend of technology with creativity is offering to customers by the business owners. Previously, kitchens were designed in the form of cabinets. Those old days are gone, and the household consumers are following new trends. Nowadays, under the counter fridges is a popular choice for household consumers to complement a regular fridge. Because of such new trends, you can get refrigerators, microwaves, and even dishwashers built in. moreover, if you want to decorate your kitchen with the new style kitchen accessories, then this article will help you a lot with your design selection.

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