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Since long, jewelry is the vital element for the women to doll up for her special events. In ancient languages, it is termed as the “Roop Singhar” of the women in the sub-continent region. Jewels and ornaments have been and still used as adornments by the women of all stature and rank. Presently, it is a go-to accessory for every woman. They tend to match jewelry with their outfits every time they are going out or attending an event. Further, to complement the jewelry, match shoes and handbags are the toppings to make your personality more attractive.  

Today, statement jewelry is on the go. Either you are wearing a western dress or dolling up with an eastern attire, matching or contrasting jewelry will complement your entire look. Moreover, you can find various jewelry designs paired with multiple stones or gold plated jewelry or Swarovski designs. In Pakistan, you can find the trendy and best jewelry designs online at an amazing price at SVictoria. Besides this, you can also find metal jewelry, precious stones, beads, Italian dough to even fabrics, the variance of jewelry elements are endless. Let us have a look at their jewelry collection specially designed for their valuable customers.    


Bangles are favorite among the women because of their feminine make and look stunning on the delicate wrists. Bangles are not just adorned by the women but also a symbol of happiness for Asian women. Married women wore gold bangles to display their marital status, while single women opt for more fancy bangles with ornaments and jewels. Hence, the importance of bangles cannot be undermined. You can have a look at the beautiful fancy yet chic bangle designs online available only at SVictoria at best price


The thin intricate piece of jewelry that women wear around their arm is known as bracelets. It is most popular among young girls. Furthermore, male counterpart also wears masculine styles of bracelets as jewelry with stones embedded in it. However, these bracelets are available in various designs and styles inspired by both modern and traditional fashion trends.


Another statement jewelry piece worn by Asian women with both western and eastern clothes is necklace. It is available in a wide array of sizes and designs such as choker sets, maala’s, pendant sets, and heavy necklaces. Depending upon the occasion or event, we offer you fashionable necklaces design online at an amazing price.


Earrings are normally an everyday embellishment for the women. Either they are going out for a job or to attend an evening event, small earring accessory will leave a significant impact on their look. Millions of women in Pakistan of different age group wear small studs or statement earring depending upon the event to complement their look.  


Rings are one of those accessories; every woman is very fond of. Like other jewelry items, a ring comes in different designs and sizes. Starting from delicate band to heavy stones embellished rings are quite in trend these days. You can buy rings of various designs at SVictoria, an online shopping store in Pakistan, at an amazing price, with free delivery.  

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